Kickerinho Update 2.0 adds a lot of new stuff!

Since the original release of Kickerinho we have been working on new content and today we want to share good news: Kickerinho just got bigger and more fun with Update 2.0. What’s new?

  • you can now collect coins and customise Kickerinho with more than 100 jerseys inspired by club shirts from around the world!
  • 25 balls to unlock
  • set of new tricks like famous (and really hard!) “Around the World”
  • in addition to Kamcord video recording fature we have added simple screenshot share option
  • new UI to easily navigate trough new stuff


Download Kickerinho for iOS, Android or Windows Phone


Kickerinho with 1million downloads, september update now live

We are very proud, happy and we want to say “thank you” one million times!

To celebrate this number we have released small update with 10 new balls and one special one for best jugglers. You will also find an option to switch to your favourite ball and to remove ads.

PS we are working hard to bring even more features to Kickerinho so stay tuned and join us on Facebook or Twitter!


Over 50.000 videos from Kickerinho shared via Kamcord!

Kickerinho has been downloaded over 600.000 times so far so we would like to say thanks to each and every one of you! It is also amazing to see over 50.000 videos from the game shared via various social media! Remember that if you want to share your score and compare with others you can join us on our Facebook or Twitter! Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 14.27.20


Star Horizon and Kickerinho now available on Windows Phone!

81Ea4NJgG+L._SL500_AA300_.pngStar Horizon and Kickerinho are now available on Windows Phone Store which means both our games are available on top3 mobile platforms! In addition, Kickerinho is ads free and cost only $.99. So you are Wndows Phone OS user who is looking for high quality games then check those links for Star Horizon and Kickerinho.

Oh! and remember to share your score with us on our Facebook page and/or Twitter


Kickerinho – our new game… for free!;-)

Hey! Meet Kickerinho!

He is a young kid who lives a dream of becoming a best juggler in Rio de Janeiro. However juggling itself is not as easy as it sounds. Kickerinho knows you are great player and he is counting on your help!

Download the app from AppStore or Google Play and help him fulfill the dream!

Juggle with your foot and head! Stall the ball on your neck and show your friends who is better! But remember: juggling is a skill that is improved by repetition. The more you do the better you will get.


Star Horizon now on Android! iOS gets new update [Kamcord recording added]

81Ea4NJgG+L._SL500_AA300_.pngWe are super happy to announce that Star Horizon is now available on Android via Google Play and Amazon AppStore! The other great news is we have added new difficulty modes; easy and hard. iOS version. Let us know if you beat the game on the second one!

New cool feature on iOS devices is Kamcord video recording. With one button you can now record your epic fight in Star Horizon and super easily post it on our favourite social media channel. Just take a look how many cool videos from Star Horizon was already uploaded!


AppSpy plays Star Horizon

We never have enough of great videos with Star Horizon as a main star. This time we invite you to watch 1h long video of guys from AppSpy playing our game:-)


Star Horizon hands-on by TabascoCrew

We made this video to show you how easy and fun it is to play Star Horizon.

Looks smooth, right? Check out those photos from backstage too:-)

2014-03-10 11.18.50

2014-03-10 11.27.20

2014-03-10 11.28.35

2014-03-10 11.33.17


Never grow up.


Some time ago, I‘ve been in the middle of discussion which was about how hard it is to survive in this industry; how hard it is to make a good game, get an investor or publisher and that stuff. At some point, I was asked very simple question: so why do you work in games if it’s so hard? Why we all do? There is plenty of IT companies that would kill for all those great programmers. Creative agencies are always looking for good graphics and designers would fit almost every creative job. So why we work for 12h/day? Why game industry?

That’s a tricky question. It can be often answered with a simple: because I do love games – but that’s something we hear all the time, and it doesn’t give a real answer for why do we make them instead of just playing. Right? Moreover making games sometimes makes you just sick about them and it’s really hard to enjoy that Xbox/PS games collection after work.

So when I thought about it, the real answer was clear: because if you want to make good games, you can never grow up, so this is (at least for us) why we make games, because we are good at being kids. And the best thing is it doesn’t have anything to do with age. What we understand through being kids is simply taking a pure joy in whatever you do so our goal is to make people feel like kids just for a little bit longer. We believe we can give you that with Star Horizon.

/Patryk Hamerlak