Never grow up.


Some time ago, I‘ve been in the middle of discussion which was about how hard it is to survive in this industry; how hard it is to make a good game, get an investor or publisher and that stuff. At some point, I was asked very simple question: so why do you work in games if it’s so hard? Why we all do? There is plenty of IT companies that would kill for all those great programmers. Creative agencies are always looking for good graphics and designers would fit almost every creative job. So why we work for 12h/day? Why game industry?

That’s a tricky question. It can be often answered with a simple: because I do love games – but that’s something we hear all the time, and it doesn’t give a real answer for why do we make them instead of just playing. Right? Moreover making games sometimes makes you just sick about them and it’s really hard to enjoy that Xbox/PS games collection after work.

So when I thought about it, the real answer was clear: because if you want to make good games, you can never grow up, so this is (at least for us) why we make games, because we are good at being kids. And the best thing is it doesn’t have anything to do with age. What we understand through being kids is simply taking a pure joy in whatever you do so our goal is to make people feel like kids just for a little bit longer. We believe we can give you that with Star Horizon.

/Patryk Hamerlak